Monday, March 18, 2013

Paperheads released

It's finally out now on DLSite.

Here is the link to the game:

In case you encounter any troubles starting the game up, place it into C:\Paperheads, or a similar directory (D:\Paperheads, E:\Paperheads etc.).
Also you should make sure, that your drivers etc. are up to date.
Of course you should try out the demo version, before buying the game, to make sure that it runs on your system.

If you're looking for the english patch, you can get it here:
[English Patch]

And the uncensor patch is here:
[Uncensor CG]

Password for both is: prowo

Beware though, that the uncensor patch contains all CG's in a folder.
(even the deleted ones!)
So if you don't want to get spoilered, don't look into the CG folder.

How to apply both patches:
Just place both file contents into the "Paperheads" directory.
Overwrite all existing files, and it should work.


    I have made a review of your product.

    So could you please check my review of your product?

    If you found any problem in my review, let me know

    1. I don't see any problems with it.
      Thank you very much for your review!

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  3. Downloaded it off a blog then donated $25. I like this kind of tip jar approach to paying for games. I know there's been some grumbling about the price, but the number of animations makes the art in this game quite rare, and it would be a tragedy if this studio wasn't able to learn from its mistakes and get to make another game.

    1. Thank you very much for your support.
      We will try our best on the next game, and we also try to present an enjoyable beta-demo preview version as soon as possible.

  4. Cheers for your great work. It definetely paid off the long waiting.
    I donated the money as well (

    Any chance of adding a gallery for hentai sprites other than CGs?
    I mean something similar to Shinobi girl which you unlock the sprite gallery once you clear all stages. These sprite animations are very arousing. Cheat codes will be handy for quick hentai experience.

    The CG of a Latex girl gangbanged by three paperheads after you defeat her is my favourite... love how she resists to suck the cock with her mouth... Little fight is always good. And she surely deserved such punishment... The few lesbian CGs are quite satisfying.

    Also, the voice casting is amazing. One of the most erotic moan I've ever heard of. Seriously give a huge credit for the girl.

    Wish you make enough profit and keep doing great work in your next installment. This game is more delicious (?) than most Japanese games I've consumed.

  5. It's not available on DLsite English, and I'm unable to purchase as a guest on DLsite Japanese because of the damn name entry! D:

    1. seconded, does anyone know when it will come out on dlsite eng?

  6. I'm currently trying to figure out how to buy it xD

  7. Just want to say congrats on the release Wolf. I find this game to be very unique compared to the majority of games out there and it is definitely a step in the right direction for my tastes. Love the main character, love the artwork, and love the new concept. Great work, will be looking forward your next game!

  8. I cant buy it from DLsite maniax cause they dont accept all of my cards. However DLsite english accepts them, but the game is not available on it :(
    Maybe I could donate to you and you send me the game somehow ?

  9. This game should be introduced at D-gate website.


    That's the major Japanese portal for ryona games like this...

    No review on DLsite yet, need some..

  10. Okay, quick question for anyone willing to answer. I see that according to the CG folder that each boss, or at least the one on Stage 1 and 2 have two different game-over CG sequences. I've only ever gotten just one. Is it just by random chance that one is unlocked and I have terrible luck? I can't seem to get anything other than the same one no matter what conditions occur. What am I doing wrong to get both gamer-over scenes?

  11. thanks for ur great work
    i have advice for next game

    1. don't vote
    -vote make game really bad,people don't think deep and choice too easy
    ur way is best way

    2. don't dlsite
    -dlsite blocking IP from some nations
    some people cannot download from dlsite
    but i think u can use dlsite"and"other sites

    3. make conversation of CG
    -Only CG is really futility for enjoy,
    add more conversation of characters and make little long
    its difference of "picture"or "animation"
    people imagine situation from "converstation"and "texts"

  12. I don't know when it will be available on english DLSite, but it usually takes a couple of days.
    (other than that, there is still the possibility to get the game via other means and then donate some amount of money you see fit)

    Regarding the CG question:
    (I already covered this in a blogpost)
    Most CG's are unlocked "randomly", which means, you have to lose a couple of times to the same enemy to get all.
    The bosses only have one CG each.

    The CG package contains also the deleted CG's.
    (it should be mentioned in the post you can find the download link in)
    So you can't unlock them, since they are deleted.
    If you're interested about the reasons for deleting them, please read the according blogpost.

    And yup, gnomes, our boss already considered some of the things you just mentioned.
    But we won't be able to skip on DLSite.
    (well, maybe we find a different way to distribute the game too, but I don't know any details on this, so I don't know)
    I think you will be happy about the news regarding CG's on the next game.

  13. A request:

    For those of us having problems with DLsite, why not let us pay you directly through something like PayPal and then send us the game Via E-Mail in a compression format? This is not to say I have not tried with DLsite Japanese, I translated every page, and then translated my name to Japanese to input it, and it still will not let me log in with the username that I chose. So. I would really, very much, like to play this game as a finished product and I will not pirate it, but dammit man, give me a way to give you my money!

    1. The only other way would be to buy it from english DLSite.
      Or if that doesn't work for you, you can pirate it and donate on the website of our boss.

  14. Paperheads is very beautiful game.
    1. Do you have webmoney purse? I want to help your project, but i dont know aviable way for me.(if that, do not be offended if amount be small, 10$ is 309.9 rubles, price for game in my country 150-700 rubles)
    2. I have home-made Russian patch based on your english patch(reqired? can give).
    Tell the truth, as a law-abiding flibustier, i play "3 chaptered" version of this great game and decided to help this project.
    P.S. Please, don't shoot and don't throw rocks to the law-abiding flibustier. Thanks in advance for your attention.

    1. Hello, thank you very much for your support.
      I'm not sure if I understood you correctly, but you can donate if you like.

      Just click on the "click me" banner on the right side, and donate on that website.

      If you have an russian language patch, you can place the link in a comment here.
      I will place all the language patches into the download section of this blog, and give you credit for the translation.

      Thank you very much!

  15. i found way,I hope on my card don't ran out of money.

  16. Great job! I have been waited for this game so long.
    Quality of this one is satisfied enough, but I'm missing a text part deleted.
    Didn't you get a supporter who can help you to translate in Japanese?
    It could be sold more if text is added in CG, I guess.
    If you are interested in this topic, please leave the comment.
    I might help you to translate in Japanese.

    1. Thank you very much for your kind offer.
      On the next game we have lots of CG texts.
      (currently working on them)

      Is there a way to contact you?

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    3. oh, I'll write my mail adress. if you need to contact with me, mail

  17. Now you have 2 fans which ready support your project for go to level up to more language game(sorry for broken text, in translation from english to russian i have more skills)
    Don't "put bolt" on your art, you really have a talent)))

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  19. Link to Russian patch. I translated instruction and other text which contain in english patch (without intuitive understanding(data\UI)).
    Sorry, not understand, credit for my translation?(i know value of this words, but i not understand what you mean)

    1. Ah, I totally forgotten about this.
      I'll make a "fan-patches" section on this blog and place it there.

      And what I meant by credit:
      I'll write there that it's not my work, and write that you made it.
      So people know that it's thanks to you.

      Thank you very much!