Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Trial Version 1.03 & new vote

Thanks to Kyrieru I was able to improve the game a bit more.
It uses up even less GB Ram now, so the system requirements should be as follows:

2 Ghz
2 GB Ram (Win XP)
3 GB Ram (Win 7)
800 x 600 Resolution

Here is the download:
[Paperheads trial v1.03E]

password: prowo

(sorry, but there is still just only one file-hosting service to download from, I'll chose another one in the upcoming days)

The game itself now uses up 1 GB Ram to 1,3 GB Ram for me, depending on the OS and the computer/notebook I start it up on.

I also hope that the further reduction in RAM usage fixes the problem that a lot of people had with their Nvidia graphics cards.
I can't test it myself, because I just have ATI cards.
(or older Nvidia cards)
And I don't know what exactly causes this problem with the newer Nvidia cards...

So please vote at the new poll, if it now works for you, or if you still get errors.
Thank you very much! 

Known issues:
- the game doesn't run on computers with Nvidia GT and GTX-series
(please post a comment, if this issue has been fixed)


  1. 1) Works fine, no errors at all 4 me.

    2) Still hating the "censorship".

    3) Still wanting an "ultimate edition" with every CG included into the game.

    3) Still don't want to buy from dlsite but any other way.

    4) Still hoping 4 a release in the next couple of days :-D And that's the most important thing!

  2. Well as you postet, dont works with my GTX Card.
    Something like not enough memory, but have 8 Gb.
    Well anyway hope you may find a way to get it to work ;)

  3. Nvidia 9500 GT here, it works, previous one worked too though but it loads faster now, under 1 Gb ram in Win XP.

  4. Windows 7 x64
    Intel i7 2600k
    Asus Nvidia GTX 680 2Gb

    Game works! Previous versions did not, got out of memory error.
    Current demo starts up fine, little slow on the loading but works.
    Playing through the game currently, hoping for it to work all the way.

  5. Windows 7 x64
    i7 920
    260 gtx

    Game works.

  6. Win 7 64
    i5 460
    Geforce 425GT

    It works now.

    I do have an odd issue, though. Whenever a GC or text screen is supposed to appear, the game freezes. I have to minimize it and then maximize it to make it continue. This happened in the earlier demo releases as well.

    1. How exactly does the game freeze?
      Do you see the text or CG, or is it just the game-screen that freezes?

      Try pressing [Enter] when it happens, maybe that helps?
      Same with the pause function in the game, just press [Enter] and the game should continue.

    2. Pressing [Enter] actually does make it continue. It completely skips the CG or text, though. Like, it flashes on the screen for less than a second.

      An example would be the midboss. When I beat him, the game freezes before showing the CG of Verdani in the security feed. If I minimize the game and return, I can see the CG. Also, now, if I hit [Enter], I see it for just a split second before the game goes on.

    3. That is strange, what kind of graphics card do you have?
      I suppose it could have something to do with the way it handles the graphics?

      To be honest, I don't think I can do anything about it, without doing significant changes.
      And the bad thing is, I don't know if I can fix it, or if any changes regarding the text popups result in other bugs.
      (as it works fine for most people, as it is right now)

    4. A 425GT. And it's a pretty minor issue, really. The game works fine otherwise. I'll definitely still buy it when it comes out, I just found it a bit odd of a bug.

    5. Okay, thanks for your support.
      I'll definitely try out some other way to display the text and CG's on the next game.
      (I hope that helps, but we will see then)

  7. The demo works for me now! Hopefully we'll see a full release soon!

    Still a bit saddened by the lack of the game over scenes proper, but the CGs are all very nice.

  8. 1.03 works fine previous did not.
    Windows 7 64 bit
    Gtx 560 Ti

  9. It works! thanks!!
    win7 geforce 4G

    I think this version have little flaw

    1.too short story for CG scene
    only two or one sentence
    cant enjoy long and her fate

    2.background of CG too empty,how about make more looks rape criminal's

    3.need more brute type boss

    bosses are too handsome for rape
    cant empathy to situation

  10. old version's story and talk texts were awsome
    need to revival them

  11. You should put the bad ending texts as an option. I love the texts, you should bring it back :)

  12. I already mentioned this several times.
    The texts had to be removed, there should be a blogpost about this with the details.
    (I removed the vote for this topic a couple of days ago, but the blogpost should still be there)

    On the other hand, I would have to remove the texts by now, because of the RAM usage.
    (or I would have to make changes to the way they are loaded)
    Anyway, we don't have time to implement it, as the budget is already blown.
    (and besides of implementing it, I would have to write a bunch of text for the remaining CG's)

    All I did for Paperheads the last 2-3 weeks was occasionally fixing stuff.
    We are already working on the new game since monday, because we finished the planning last week.
    And we really want to focus on the next game.
    I'll cover the details in a blogpost later.

  13. never do vote, vote always make game gonna bad