Saturday, July 21, 2012

current status

Well, I haven't postet in a while.
Of course we are still working on this project.

I build in a difficulty for the grab-system, so now you can switch between the system as is.
Or you could choose an easier system.
I'll explain this in a future blogpost.

The reason why we haven't done any updates in quite a while is... because we ran into a few more problems.
And we were pretty busy in finding a solution.

The first problem would be... we still don't have any quality testers for the japanese text.
The second problem is... if I would include japanese text, I would have to make significant changes in the game... which would take me another couple of days.
(maybe 1 week, because I implemented lots of text)

It's all really annoying, and I somehow fear that we will not be able to make it in time.
So... what solutions do we have?

Following solutions come to mind:

Solution 1:
Well... I could still try to find a quality tester (I don't have even one person for quality testing... and I originally wanted to find 2-3...), then let them check the text, after that I'll implement everything etc.
But I guess it won't work out in time.
(I have to make significant changes for this to work out)

Solution 2:
I'll erase most of the text that pops up during CG scenes.
Just leaving a bare minimum to explain the situation.
I'll skip the quality testing of the japanese texts, because noone might care about 1-2 sentences that might or might not be correctly translated.
(my friend who's translating can do correct sentences, after all she's japanese, but she's not familiar with hentai-text, so this is the only issue here)

Solution 3:
I'll erase ALL text from the hentai CG scenes.
Thus erasing all problems at once.
Since erasing is faster than reprogramming it all, I would save lots of time.
I'll just translate the ingame text and the opening text.

One fact is... since I'm going to display this game on DLsite, it must have japanese text, or no text at all...
I think I understand Kyrierus approach on his first game (which had no text at all).
Especially when you have a low budged or now budged at all, you should minize the load of work, and focus on the more important parts of a game.
Meaning gameplay and hentai CG's?

To be honest, I slowly get the feeling that this project will be a little bit "more smaller" than expected.
Meaning... in worst case scenario it will only have 2 stages and 2 bosses.
(but still 4 main enemy types and several subtypes)

Adding a CG gallery, adding text, story, etc. etc.
All the high rez sprites, lots of animations and everything is pretty nice.
But it eats up a whole lot of time... yeah.
It eats up way more time than expected.
At least I learned lots of stuff and I think, whatever the outcome will be, I know how to approach on the next project, where to set my priorities and everything.

Please don't forget that this game was always meant to be only a "small" game.
And I kinda think it all got way out of hand mindway...
Well, lets see this through to the end, shall we?
I'm not going to give up.
But I understand that I can't do a perfect game within the set time limit... and I can't work on this forever...
(especially because this is the first game I ever did)
(so actually I'm surprised that I was able to overcome all obstacles so far)

I'll also do a poll later, or maybe tomorrow, regarding the "solutions" on the CG text.
Since I think it's an important matter.
If enough people care about the text... I might do it anyway.
(despite the fact that it pushes the schedule back a whole lot further)

Or... I'll do a japanese version without text on the CGs...
And I leave it there on the english one?
Aww... well... I'll think about it again, and then I'll list all the solutions on the upcomming poll.


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