Sunday, July 8, 2012


Well, I already decided to make a more simple grab-system for the "next" game.
And I originally planned to let it be the way it is now for "this" game (Paperheads).

We don't really have the time to change too much on this game.
So this might be the last major change...
As I already mentioned, we are 2 weeks behind schedule already.

But I think this is another important matter to discuss.
It's no use finishing this game, if people don't enjoy it.

So here is the plan:

1. Either I let the grab-system as is.
So we have time to concentrate on other stuff.

2. We input an option to allow the player to choose between the grab-system as is.
And a simpler to use "mode" where it's pretty easy to free oneself from a grab.
But of course this will eat up some of our precious time again.

So you'll still have the regular grab-system.
And for everyone else there will be a pretty easy grab-version of it.
Since you can switch between both, everyone should be able to enjoy the game.

Please vote at the poll I just started, so I can see how you people think about this matter.


I'm still looking for japanese quality testers/readers.


  1. Servus, ich persönlich mag euer Grab-System so wie es ist, aber ich finde meiner Meinung nach ist die Frage, ob es "difficult" ist falsch, ich hätte eher gefragt ob der Focus beim Grab-System nicht zu stark ist, jeder weiss warum man H-Games spielt und wenn man dan beide Hände braucht um sich aus den Grabs zu befreien ist das iwie ein wenig uncool :P Könnte man es nicht so abändern das man sich z.B nur mit den Pfeiltasten befreien kann? Bevor man das jetzt falsch versteht, ich meine nicht das man das System ändert, sondern nur die Tastenbelegung der Phase wo man mit x/c/v agiert, würde man das ändern in Pfeiltaste Hoch/Runter/Links oder Rechts, wäre der Focus nicht mehr so stark und man hätte wieder die eine Hand für das übliche bei H-Games :P


    1. Hello Wolfenstahl,

      First of all, great job on your game so far. No matter what you do with the grab system, I'll happily buy your game. =)

      However, I completely agree with this guy! I don't think grab system needs to be easier. I think it would be good, to be able to do it with one hand. :P

      It's an H-game!


  2. I made it easier now, and you only would need one hand.
    I also did this while changing only small portions of the game to save time.
    It will be available in the next update.