Thursday, July 5, 2012

new version available

Well, I had to fix a few newfound bugs.
It was just some minor stuff, but I thought it would be better to take care of it.

So... yeah, the new version is out now.
It's still a "beta demo" though.

Here is the link to it:
[Paperheads v2 beta download]

There are just too many fixes I did, so I'm not listing them here...
Anyway, I already wrote about those on my earlier blogposts.
The contend should be doubled right now.
So please enjoy yourselves.

And yes, please write further comments too.
I'll keep this news post short because I'm really exhausted right now.
(it's also way too hot here... yeah... summer...)



  1. In the room with the potions, I can't pick any of them up.

    Also, for some reason, whenever there is a speech bubble, it freezes and I have to minimize the screen and then bring it back for it to display and to let me continue.

    So far the changes look great~

  2. Great game so far! Would it be possible to add a 'count' list, like in nano crisis? maybe keep track of how many times imprisoned, how many times blowjob, how many times came in mouth, etc.

    It might give player a reason to keep playing longer!

  3. Good update your game This is much faster with 60 fps and the new images are good and excellent. This game looks promising!

  4. 1.[Roadbuster] You first can pick a potion when you entered the green fog and Verdani says: "I should look for some other way"
    You could try to run the game as administrator and/or with compatibility mode in windows xp or 98
    2.[Acac] A counter for imprisoned times wouldnt work at the moment because you can only be imprisoned one time or you need to load a save game where you wasnt imprisoned

    Its a great game, I love it. You are working swiftly and hard, keep on the good work!!

  5. hi , i ve been waitin to be able to play this game , now there is a demo but im havin problem to work the game , it says "D3D.CreateDevice()Error:Please check that your graphics cars meets the minimum requirements and that your drivers are up-to-date.If your graphics card has little memory,try switching your computer to a lower resolution.(Error:-2005530516)"
    i updated my graphic card , and my graphic card is GeForce GTS 250M
    and here is lil info about my laptop , maybe it can help u to give me a lil advice to do something to work this game
    its Toshiba Qosmio
    Intel Core i7CPU
    6GB Ram
    64 bit os
    btw i finished GTA4 , Max Payne 3 , Call of Duty MW3 with out any problem on this laptop , so i dunno why i cant work this game , if u have any idea how i can make it work tell me , help guys !!:(

  6. Notice: I am going to type a gigantic fucking critique/essay about Paperheads. It may sound like I think the game sucks and I'm just whining. This is not the case. I am taking the time to write this because I think you have a really cool start to a game which is worth investing my time in an effort to make it better.

    The biggest issue I have when playing Paperheads is this: the player character isn't fun to control. When the player character isn't fun to control then every action in the game becomes a chore and the entire game suffers.

    Getting the controls right is hard because it's super subjective and requires a great deal of fine tuning in a million different areas. Any idiot can come along and complain that the controls don't "feel right" and be completely correct. All of the games I have worked on have had between 1 and 2 thousand lines of code in order to achieve a state where they "feel right."

    The only way to make the controls feel right is to test them a ton then make a few changes and test some more. This will take weeks if you're dedicated. But I'm not going to just bitch at you then tell you to test more. I have a few areas you can start with:

    1) The attacks feel unresponsive because they are executed when their key is released rather than when the key is first pushed. If you didn't make your input handler, then check for when a key is "Triggered" rather than "Released". If you're trying to use Windows system messages for your input, don't. This system is intended for typing and not games. You will have to make your own input handler if this is the case. (I can give you more details on this if you're interested)

    2) The player character walks too slow. It takes forever to get across the screen and because running drains stamina players are not going to use it unless absolutely necessary lest they be caught without the stamina to defend themselves from enemies on the next screen. Experiment with player speed. Consider replacing character animations with a box for this phase so that your current one doesn't sway your decision.

    3) It's really annoying/bizarre that you can only run left and right while moving forward and back mandates walking. It makes no sense and feels terrible. Consider just having one plane of movement rather than going for a pseudo-3D effect.

    4) If you are married to the pseudo-3D effect, then let players attack towards and away from the camera. It is so goddamn frustrating to attack an enemy and miss because they're in front of, or behind you, in relation to the camera.

    That's all I have for now. Please give these suggestions a little thought and keep up the good work.

  7. @jojo

    Thanks for helping Roadbuster to solve his/her problem ^^
    (I hope it was solved?)

    Uhm, regarding the game over stuff.
    I made some changes.
    After you killed some enemies, you can go KO once again, without getting instant game over.
    But I'll explain the changes in a seperate blogpost later.


    Thanks for the criticism.
    It's just not as easy as it might sound.
    First of all, I'm origninally an artist and an author/writer.
    Not a programmer...
    So there is certain stuff I'm really not able to handle.
    Or lets say, I can't handle it that well.

    But let's get right to the core of your comment.

    1) This is totally on purpose.
    I don't know if you realized it, but there is at least one attack that is being "charged" and then released.
    So I went with the "attack only on releasing button" option.
    But just as Kyrieru once told me, it's not wise to make the player use more than 2 buttons at all times.
    I'm going to keep that in mind for future games.
    And I'm going to do stuff like "auto charge" attacks etc.
    But... not in Paperheads.
    (especially because the charged attack uses up quite some stamina, even though its pretty powerful, it's not good to spam it)

    2) This was also on purpose.
    I wanted to prevent the player from running "all the time" while still being able to run a lot, then walk a bit, then run again etc.
    I also set the movement speed as is, because the enemies should be able to catch up to the heroine when she's just walking.
    (making stamina an important ressource, without making it too frustrating)
    But I'll also change this in future games.
    As well as getting rid of "stamina-systems" in future games.
    I'll just go with HP and SP...
    While running/dashing won't need SP at all.
    (but... yeah... future/upcomming games, as I already said)

    3) I don't know if I understood you on this one.
    But yeah, running right and turning left cancels running.
    I felt that this was okay, because I'm used to games that handle it the same way.
    Of course it's no excuse, to copy a "bad habit" of other games.
    But I must admit that I never thought of it this way, because I felt it to be natural that way... whatever.

    And the pseudo 3D-effect...
    After I build up the game, I realized that it was stupid to do such a game.
    I'm not sure if I'll ever do a pseudo 3D-effect game ever again...
    (I'll finish this one "as is" but the upcoming games will all be plain 2D platformers)
    2D platformers are a lot easier to do... they are more fun to play... and I know I won't run into certain problems/bugs I have with this pseudo 3D stuff.
    (but as already mentioned several times... this game will stay "as is")

    4) I'll just stick to it in "this" game, but I'll get away from it in future games.
    And AFAIK I placed the hit boxes, so that the enemy gets even hit when standing "inside" Verdani.
    So usually it should work out the way it is.
    (not all attacks hit when the enemy stands inside Verdani, but most of them do)

    I know that most of your suggestions are good.
    And I already planned to implement most of this stuff into the "next game".
    The reason I won't implement it into this game now... is simple.
    The game is already too much advanced regarding the production.
    (we already did most stuff, and it's just about completing the game now... adding more content, stages etc.)
    I would have to dismantle the whole game, if I would implement certain suggestions you made.

    And yeah... it's actually intended to be the way it is now.

    We can't do those major changes even if we wanted to, because we don't have the budged to do so.
    But I'll cover that in the upcomming blogpost.

    There I'll also talk about the recent fixes and changes.

    1. at least can u give me something , i mean , do i need a program to run this game , i really wanna play it but i have no idea how can i make it work , any usefull ideas?

    2. whooops, sorry.
      I forgot to "seperate" my comment for you (sgteveres) and MetalDemon.
      I kinda threwn both comments together.

      As I already said I'm no programmer (I'm originally an artist) and I'm not sure what causes your problems.
      I runned the game on several computers and notebooks so far.
      Everything worked fine.

      You don't need any other programm for it to work.

      I'm sorry but I guess I really can't help you.
      There might be an compability problem with your pc.
      Do you have trouble playing other hentai games?
      (such as Kurovadis for example)
      Did you try to switch your computer to a lower resolution?
      Or maybe trying to run the game with a compability mode?

    3. i didnt played kurovadis and i tried both , but nothing , at least do u know anyone who can help me about that problem , cuz i google it but cant find any usefull help

    4. sorry I really don't know anyone who could help you ><
      I would if I could, but I really have no idea...

  8. Hello Wolfenstahl.

    I heard this game from other side and played.After played that,I love Verdani very much. Big breast, midriff, miniskirt, high heels(even gameover she still wearing high heels, I love it.). Her sprite motion is very sexy.

    By the way, Verdani's dash attack is strong, that can hit two enemy at once.

    Little Questions and hope/suggestion:

    1,Damaged sprite is too few( only two), maybe need two~three more damaged sprite like belly punched( because Verdani is midriff!).

    2,Do you know Nightmare Sphere? If player got damaged and raped, the face icon on left upper corner will changed. Because this is strange Verdani don't changed her countenance when she got violence( However sprite work is excellent) or high pleasure.

    3,Will Verdani find many female slaves, and those female slaves are trying to grab Verdani and rape her belly and belly button( because Verdani is midriff!)?

    4,Different motion when Verdani is high pleasure.

    Forgive my bad english.

    1. Your english is quite good ^^
      I'm happy that you love Verdani.

      1, we will add some extra sprites "if we have time".
      but we are a bit behind schedule, so this isn't guranteed.

      2, yes we will implement that.
      it's already ready, but I had no time to input it into the game yet.
      (but the next version will have this)

      3, I never thought about this before.
      Do you mean they lick her belly and belly button?
      (and her body all over?)

      4, adding new sprites for different motions is difficult to implement, since we are running out of time.
      (but in case we have time left, we'll think about it)

      Thanks for commenting ^^

    2. Thanks your relpy.

      1 and 4: Nevermind.

      2: Thanks, and nevermind.

      3: Yes, lick and suck. Full body is ok.

    3. No problem ^^

      3, I think this is a very good idea for the female enemies in the game.
      (yup, I'll take it in)