Monday, July 23, 2012

poll about text in CG scenes

I thought again about this subject, and yup, I guess it's best to do this poll.

Here are the 3 solutions again:

Solution 1:
I include all the long texts.
I still try to find japanese quality testers, but I think the game won't be completed in time...
(I also have to make significant changes in the text-system for this to work out, since I can't use japanese characters, so I have to print them on png-files and then implement them as graphics)

Solution 2:
I'll erase most of the text that pops up during CG scenes.
Just leaving a bare minimum to explain the situation.
So I don't need japanese quality testers.
(the japanese translation "as is" should be good enough for this)

Solution 3:
I'll erase ALL text from the hentai CG scenes.
Thus erasing all problems at once.
Since erasing is faster than changing the text-system, I would save lots of time.
(I'll just translate the ingame text and the opening text to japanese, but I won't have to change anything important here, since I already use graphics for the important stuff)

Since erasing all text kinda makes variations in the CGs pointless.
We would also save our time here.
Well... I guess I'll include at least all the variation CGs for the tentacle h-scene inside the folder of the full version then... because it was a lot of work to do it.
And it kinda be wasted effort then.
Well, I'll wait for the end of the poll anyway.


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  1. Why u want translate to japanse?????
    english is good enough