Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Animated CG test

Here's a sketch of an animated hentai CG.
Since this is a sketch, and only a test to determine if we did everything right with the layers, this is in no way representative for the final quality.
(obviously... lol)

Most things in this animation are just quickly put together, so there's a LOT of room for improvement.
Well, we felt it would be unnecessary to put too much work into a simple sketch.

So the plan is to implent these animated CGs (with a resolution of 1024 x 768) for game over CGs into the game.
As well as when the heroine falls to the ground and an enemy touches her, there will be a screenwide hentai animation, not just small pixel animations.
(that's the "grabs" in the game, and yes, the heroine can break free from the grabs)

Well, that's the "plan"...
We need to test things step by step, and in case this doesn't work out, we need to do other things instead.
Having this much animated CGs in the game "could" cause problems.
And yeah, we need to carefully test stuff in order to avoid having those problems.
(also, if we encounter problems, we need some time to figure out a solution)

Whatever, I hope you enjoy the CG sketch and of course I'll keep you informed!


  1. If you have any problems with the CGs I would get rid of the grabbing CGs, and just use the game over ones. The sprites look big enough for sprite sex so that could be a good alternative. I'm eager to see the full game.

  2. That CG looks great! Now I know what she looks like naked, ahahahaha.

    I agree with Brad there, that if the animated CG "cut-ins" seem too troublesome, I think no one will be disappointed to only have the good sprite sex you make.

  3. I dunno, Paperheads sprite animations were pretty hot, and if the new games sprite sex animations aren't like those, it'll be a little disappointing.

    1. Well, if you looked at the screenshot of the ingame graphic (older blogpost) you'll see that it's pixel art, and that it's smaller than Paperheads graphics.

      And uhm... I don't know... but wouldn't big animated CGs like the one in this post be A LOT better than pretty much any kind of smaller sprite sex animations?

      I mean, of course it's personal preference.
      But I can't imagine of any "better" (larger, more detailed) hentai animations during a "grab".
      (and yes, the final animations will have higher quality)

      And in case we need to use smaller sprite animations for whatever reason, it can't be helped.
      But we're trying to get those animated CGs into the game, no matter what.
      And I think those are actually better?
      (well, personal preference I guess)

    2. I agree, the CGs are better. Yet when you say something like "Having this much animated CGs in the game "could" cause problems." I just feel sprite sex could be an alternative. If you can get them in then that's just perfect.

    3. We still need to test if it causes problems, or if it works out.
      The way I programm things, it "should" work without problems.
      But yeah... I can't say that for sure until we did all the necessary tests on several pcs and notebooks.
      (which will most likely happen in several weeks or so... we're not ready for that yet)

      In case it doesn't work, we will instead include sprite sex as alternative, yes ^^

  4. Ooooooo.... Nice... So if I got it right, this is a grab sequence and also a Game Over sequence, nice! A good alternative. Though in my personal opinion I don't think that this will be as problematic as said, but if you're looking to make a fast paced game this could kinda bog down the pace, or if done properly it could go quite smoothly.

    1. Yes, I hope it won't slow down the gameplay too much.
      Grabbing should only happen when the heroine lies on the ground.
      Since there are several ways to prevent that from happening, I think it shouldn't slow down the game, but we'll see about that.

  5. Well I have been thinking, if you do it dynamic enough such as a kinda reflex or twitch system you know kinda like in tomb raider with the interactive movies there it would be quite interesting to see it properly implemented.