Friday, May 23, 2014

Corrupted Harpy vs normal Harpy

In the last post I said that I would write a seperate blogpost about this matter.
I guess this blogpost is more lore-related, so it might not be interesting for everyone who follows this blog.
(feel free to skip this post if you're not interested in the story-elements)

First of all, in the wolfenstahl-universe (I'm working on that for about 8-9 years now) it's pretty normal to have animal-human-hybrids like wolfgirls, catgirls, birdgirls, dragongirls etc. (and their male counterparts of course).
Yes, I reaaaally do love kemonomimis!
If you look at our "real" world, there are myths and legends and stuff about several creatures.
Especially in greek mythology.
Stuff like harpies, minotaurs, centaurs, chimera etc. etc.

So yeah, I basically like to pick those terms and slightly change some stuff when I include it into the wolfenstahl-universe.

This means, a "minotaur" is no classical minotaur, it's actually a cowgirl (human girl with cow ears, tail and horns) or in case of the male version, a guy with horns, ears and tail of a taurus/bull (male cows), and yes, the guys are extremely muscular, while the girls have big boobs.

cowgirl aka "minotaur" in the wolfenstahl-universe

When it comes to the "harpy", it's simply a birdgirl (bird-people).
They have non-human ears, as well as bird-wings on their backs.
Other than that, they look pretty human-ish (human-like?).

birdgirl aka "harpy"

On a side note:
Yes, this means there are no "other" minotaurs (with the cow heads) or harpies (monsters like in the greek mythology) in the wolfenstahl-universe.
It's just (good looking) animal-people, as well as some corrupted versions.

corrupted harpy - futa enemy

Compared to the "regular" harpy, you can see that the corrupted version looks more evil, and more beastlike/monsterlike.
The corrupted version has no human-like hands and feet.
Also, it's a futanari, not a regular female.

Some of you might wonder, if the "regular" harpy shown above, could turn into a corrupted one?
Well, if she would be a mortal being, it could happen.
Which means, "that" particular harpy up there, is not mortal, while others are mortal... that needs an explanation that's a bit longer I guess...

Maybe I should go more into the "good vs evil" aspect of the whole matter first?
Originally I thought that in the wolfenstahl-universe there is no real good, and no real evil.
Which means literally everyone is at the same time good AND evil, depending on the point of view.
Humans do crimes and evil stuff, Demons do crimes and evil stuff.
(as well as all other races)
But at the same time there are also good beings in ALL races.
(even good Demons, yes)

In the game this might be depicted by a "safe zone" (shop) that's run by demons.
They don't attack the player, and they sell you some really good stuff in exchange for HP (maybe?).
(other shops are run by humans, and they take money instead of HP)

So since there is no real good and real evil usually, the different races "clash" with each other because of having different interests etc. without being "evil" by nature.
(the main reason for wars in our world, as well as the wolfenstahl-universe)

But in this game, I thought I'd make the demons and monsters overwhelm the humans, kinda tipping the balance between everything.
Some of the demon leaders and kings (there are several) get a bit too greedy and things start to go out of control.
Since the gods themselves don't interfere (not even the god who owns the demons, he's simply watching as his followers do whatever they like) with the world affairs, the only ones who are fighting are the gods agents/substitutes.

Those agents of the gods, are all immortal (at least they don't age, that's what I mean).
And they are classified as "demi-gods".

That's actually the classification that this one particular "harpy" shown above falls into.
(other harpies are mortals, without special powers etc.)
She's an agent of the Phoenix (the god of life), and she's a demi-god who's fighting on behalf of the beliefs and ideals of the Phoenix.

Other characters like Ferania, Catheline etc. (basically all wolves, cats, bears, and other fluffy predators) are agents of the Hellwolf (the god of death).
They are also demi-gods, and like other demi-gods they have supernatural abilities.
(not all wolf-people, cat-people etc. are demi-gods, just a chosen few are)

Despite them being agents of the Hellwolf (who "owns" all the demons, actually) they still fight demons, because all the gods (including the Hellwolf himself) believe that balance is important, and they were assigned to fight demons if necessary.
And this massive... uh... apocalypse... is actually tipping the balance, so I'd say it's really necessary.

Anyway, all that stuff won't "appear" in the game, basically because there's no text.

The characters demi-god superhuman powers are depicted in the game in that way, that most enemies can be obliterated without much trouble.
There's just a lot of enemies, so that's one of the problems the player needs to deal with.
As well as some really strong enemies, while they're no challenge in a 1 vs 1 fight, it's harder to deal with them when you're also being attacked by several weaker enemies.
And yeah... then there's the challenge of dodging and blocking attacks, because even if the heroine is stronger, the healing items are rare... so you can't afford to get hit by attacks too often.

Regarding the demi-god powers:
They've got a lot more strength than humans and most demons have.
Which means they can punch/kick really really hard.
They also have abilites like shooting lightning, casting ice-storms, shadow attacks or other stuff.
(imagine like... fighters with magical abilities? something along DBZ but not that over powered)

I guess the only enemies in the game that over-power the heroine, will be the bosses.
Everything else is weaker but comes in higher numbers.

I just realized that I got kinda carried away with this blogpost once again...
Anyway, I hope some of you enjoyed the little insight on my thoughts about this stuff.
See ya next time!


  1. Nothing wrong with some lore posts!
    Sounds pretty good though I think, and you've put thought into it. It is pretty fun to make a setting, I know I've been doing it on and off for a while...

  2. Hey one Thing that was on Paperheads same as on this cow Girl iss that the nails are pretty Long °.° well it is just my opinion so don´t take it too serious but I think they should be a Little bit shorter ^.^ well and please dn´t Forget only my opinion, it´s your game so you still can do it like you want to do it = )