Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Enemies (Part 2)

Here are some sketches (and below a pixel art) of some enemies.
Please note that some stuff can still change, since we're in mid developement.
The werewolf will be more like a shadow werewolf (dark werewolf), and thus his appearance will change a bit.

Some of the upcoming monsters will also be even more grotesque/bizarre than these.
And yup, some mutated sleazy brutes will be appearing too.
(maybe I'll do an enemies part 3 to show some more stuff)




corrupted harpy

Those are a zombie, ghost, werewolf and a corrupted harpy.
It's a "corrupted harpy" because there are actually non-corrupted ones too.
Harpies that don't look ugly and evil I mean.

And btw. to clarify the term "harpy" when it comes to the "universe" (wolfenstahl universe? I guess I call it that way) that our game plays in:

Harpies are actually "bird-people" (in the wolfenstahl universe), they are animal-human-hybrids just like cat-people (Catgirls/Catboys) or wolf-people (Wolfgirls/Wolfboys) etc.
But they usually have a less beast-like expression than the "corrupted harpies".
Same as with the cats and wolves, the regular harpies have special ears (feather ears, like the corrupted harpy has).
And instead of a wolf/cat tail, they have wings.

A "regular" harpy has human arms, hands, legs and feet.
(the "corrupted" one has beast-like arms, hands, legs and feet, as you can see in the sketch)

I guess I'll just do a seperate post about this in the upcoming days.
It's easier to see the differences on a sketch/picture.

Anyway, corrupted and mutated humans, monsters, undeads and demons will be the enemies in the upcoming game.

Here's a pixel art of the corrupted harpy:


  1. The harpy looks delightful! Though is there any chance of futa being in this game, for said harpy in particular? Or is that one of those tastes you're not going to implement?

    1. There will be some futa-stuff in the game.
      The corrupted harpy would be a futa enemy, and there will also be a female boss that's a futanari too.
      (that boss will actually have 2 dicks)

      I think I'll do a seperate blogpost about the boss in the upcoming days.

      First a blogpost about corrupted harpy vs "regular harpy".
      And then a blogpost about the boss compared to some other character.
      Kinda, evil versions vs good versions.
      It all makes sense once I've done the blogposts.
      (I'll spare the details for now)

    2. So much <3. Thank you for the answer and/or decision!

  2. Any chance we might get a glimpse at the animated CGs? I think Kyrieruis using Flash for his CGs.

    1. Upcoming week we wanted to show an animated CG sketch.
      It depends on how much progress Cres can make until then.
      Since Cres's arm is injured work is progressing slower than usual, so there might be some delay.

  3. awesome ^^ oh and I wish that Cresi goes healthy again ^.^