Sunday, May 25, 2014

Good vs Evil

In the comments I stated that I would write another blogpost about one of the games bosses, and that there would be another futa enemy (aside from the corrupted harpy).

The first boss I'm going to write about is a female mutated monster with 4 arms, 2 dicks, and on top of that, it's actually an evil version of one of the heroines.
(I just want to point out that Ferania is actually for now the only playable character that is planned to be implemented, but other characters (like Catheline) might be implemented later on)

The name of this monster is "Failure", since it's basically a failed clone.
Scientists tried to clone Catheline, since she's very powerful and they wanted to use clones of her for military purpose.
But they failed in creating a clone of her, and ended up creating a monster instead.

very old sketch of "Failure"

"Failure" is larger and "physically" stronger than Catheline.
Though she doesn't have Cathelines special abilities, so in this regard she's weaker than Catheline.
(In the end they are both about equally strong, each with their own strenghts and weaknesses)

Catheline is a "Liger-catgirl" (Lion + Tiger), and she's about 1,80 meters tall.

old drawing with Catheline and Failure

Here you can see the rough size comparison between the two.

Anyway, that's one of the games bosses.
(and one of my most favorite ones)

I guess the upcoming blogpost will contain more ingame related stuff.
Maybe some more ingame screenshots, or enemy pixel art or maybe an animated CG sketch.
(whatever we get done til the next blogpost)


  1. Pretty interesting boss!

    Its kind of a shame there won't be any text in this, because if Cathline was put in, I imagine her dialogue with this boss (and possible defeat by it) would be quite interesting. Still I can understand not wanting to add in text given the translation issues...

    1. Yup, such a dialogue "would" be quite interesting.
      (but as you said, we don't include text in this game, so it won't happen)
      Especially because Catheline doesn't know that someone tried to clone her.
      So this would be a pretty awkward situation for her.

    2. And then if she was defeated and raped by it, I'm sure it'd be an even MORE awkward situation!

  2. futa?
    Oh well have to deal with it somehow ^^

  3. however nice art and thanks for the frequent posts!! :D
    you are working really hard as always ^.^

    1. Thank you very much ^^
      There's only one regular enemy with futa, and this boss with futa.
      (out of ~12 enemies and 4-7 bosses)
      We try to cover as much fetish stuff as possible, tentacles, pregnancy, etc. etc.
      (so hopefully everyone finds something of interest in this game)

  4. You know you fail at cloning when your female clone has not one, but TWO dicks!! I hope that scientist was fired out of a cannon.

  5. A rather scary, but equally fun looking enemy. I Am greatly looking forward to this game's release!