Monday, May 12, 2014

Ingame screenshot

Too much happened the last days, so we couldn't make any good looking screenshots earlier.
There's still lots of the tileset missing, but at least some stuff is done.

Most of the game will be taking place on a more or less flat surface.
There's the street where the heroine walks on most of the time, but you can also jump on cars, street lamps and other stuff.
And then in some areas, there's also the sewers right below the street.
It's nothing too fancy, basically you fight your way from the left side to the right side.
So the gameplay isn't centered around platforming, it's mainly about fighting different enemy types.

 If everything works out as intended, there should be around 12 to 15 regular enemies in the game.
(bosses are extra)


  1. Everything sounds pretty good to me!

    Can't wait to see more though. I think I've been wanting to see Ferania in an H-game since I saw her and uhm... I dunno the other one's name actually... being used as your team's "mascots" basically, hahaha.

    1. The other ones name is "Shiwa".
      We haven't planned on including her into the game though.

  2. oh cool >< diese Sicht sieht Hammermässig aus >.< Ich wusste das game würde gut werden Q.Q PS: Wolfy ich weiss nicht wieso aber ich wollte deiner Email antworten aber da steht immer dieser Fehler =( (kann sie nicht versenden)

    1. Versuch einfach eine neue E-Mail zu schreiben wenn "antworten" nicht geht.
      Oder vielleicht hast du auch eine Zeichenbegrenzung überschritten?
      (in dem Fall einfach die E-Mail in 2 Teilen schicken)

    2. aber ich hab den Text sogar in ein schreibprogramm gesteckt =.(