Sunday, July 20, 2014

Enemy Boss: Gladius

Because of several requests I thought it would be a good idea to write a bit more about the gods, enemies and some other lore related stuff.

Before I get to Gladius, I'll talk a bit about the god-creatures and what they actually do, or rather... not do. To be honest, I'm not sure if I already wrote about parts of this, so please forgive me if I repeat myself on some things.

Hellwolf and Phoenix:

Actually, there are 10 god-creatures in the wolfenstahl-universe.
A long time ago, they all agreed to not interfere with the things that happen in the world.
Well, it's not that they can't interact with the other living beings that they created, but at least there are some restrictions. (I think I'll spare the details for the webcomic and stuff)

They won't interfere themselves, but they'll let their "champions" (kinda) as well as their demi-gods fight for them.

For the time being, the 2 most interesting god-creatures would be, the 3 headed Hellwolf, and the Phoenix. The Hellwolf being considered as the "god of death", and the Phoenix the "god of life".
They're not enemies, but their followers keep fighting against each other once in a while.
Basically the Hellwolf has all the wolves, cats, bears etc. (predators), as well as demons as his followers. While the Phoenix has different kinds of birds, as well as selphiel (angel-like beings) as followers. And yes, of course they also have regular humans as followers.
(but that applies to all the god-creatures)

Basically, their followers fight against each other over several thousand years, up until our modern age. In the game we're currently working on, the demons have gotten the upper hand.
(I'll explain later why that is)

And yes, those who payed attention might have read/noticed that Ferania and most of the other demon-hunters, also belong to the Hellwolf.
They try their best to keep a healthy balance between the demons and the other beings.
That's their job that they've been assigned by the Hellwolf.

Maybe some of you might wonder, why a god-creature would assign some of his followers, to stop some of his other followers?
Well, the thing is, balance is something very important, and each god-creature tries his/her best to keep a balance between all the living beings, of course without interfering themselves.
(so their champions and demi-gods do the balancing)

In the game, Chrysoula (the harpy) is so far the only playable follower of the Phoenix.
(that is, if she gets funded via Offbeatr)
All the other characters are followers of the Hellwolf, all the wolfgirls, catgirls and beargirls, as well as the demons and boss monsters. (if a dragon girls makes it into the game, she's a follower of one of the 2 dragon god-creatures, but I'll spare the details about them for now)

Ranks and hierarchy:

I figured it would be a good idea to explain the hierarchy a bit, so the whole thing makes more sense.
On top of everything, there's of course the god-creature himself/herself.
For the time being, I'll focus on the Hellwolf and his followers, so in this case, the Hellwolf is the god of all the upcoming creatures and characters.

He is followed by all the demi-gods that serve under him.

Team Wolfenstahl with Ferania as team leader.
Team Schwarzfels with Claire as team leader.
Esmoda, Grizelda, Sanura, Shiwa and several other individuals.

His "champions" are kinda on the same rank as the demi-gods.
(champions like the black knight, and some others)
I'll skip the whole champion part for now, since it's not important at the moment.

Also on the same rank, there's the demon-kings and demon-queens.
Gladius, Lucius, Succubus (I still need to decide on a name for her) and several others have this rank.
Basically, yes, the demon-kings/queens are on the same rank, as the demi-gods and champions, because they're unrelated to each other, not having the others as supperiors or followers.
(well, there are some exception with champions & demon-kings/queens... but... I'll skip this entire exception thing because it's not important right now)

Each demon-king/queen is the king/queen of a demon-species, and they also might have some control over some lower demon-species.
And yeah... I think this sums it up pretty much.

So, lets finally get to Gladius!

Gladius – the dragon-scorpion-demon-king

colored sketch of Gladius

The demon-species Gladius belongs to is a mix of dragon-scorpion-demons.
They have 4 arms, 3 eyes, a very strong armored body, and a scorpion tail, as well as demon horns.
(on a side note, dragons horns grow towards the back, and demons horns towards the front, there might be exceptions, but this is one of the things we've decided to settle for)
Gladius is larger and stronger than other demons of his kind.

His main goal is to become more powerful, and he loves to wage war.
Among all the demon-kings/queens, he's one of the most powerful and most fearsome.
Gladius can even paralyze his prey with his scorpion poison sting.

In the game the demons finally succeeded in conquering several human cities.
This was only possible, because he allied himself with several other demon-kings/queens, and because they managed to defeat and capture some of the demon-hunters.
After this, it was considerably easier for the demon-armies to invade the human world.
(originally they emerged from the underworld/afterworld)

Since then, Ferania and some of the remaining demon-hunters are trying their best to push the demons back, as well as finding and freeing the demon-hunters that have been captured.
Unfortunately, defeating the demons is almost impossible as long as the artificial gates that connect the living world with the underworld are still intact.
(the demon-kings/queens build them)
That's why Ferania has to free the captured demon-hunters, fight the demon army and search for the gates, in order to destroy them.

Power-wise Ferania is about as powerful as a demon-king/queen.
Which means, she can only be defeated by a demon-king/queen, or by an army of weaker demons.
(in the game, you usually take only a little bit damage whenever you mess up, the big problem will be that you can't heal your HP that easily... you can only heal at certain places or events, which makes it difficult to survive in the long run)

Next up is Grizeldas character introduction.
(as usual around wednesday)


  1. I thought of a question, then you said "champions" would be talked about later. I have so many questions...but I figure they'll be answered later as well. So, I'm just commenting to say, "Yay, hooray, another post! Keep up the awesomeness!"

    1. I didn't write anything specific about those "champions" because they are completely irrelevant for the current game.
      (mainly it's mortals that got choosen by one of the gods, thus becoming immortal and more powerful)

      The champions will only appear in the webcomic/manga as well as future games.
      (but not in this game)

      In this game, there are only demi-god kemonomimis and demon-kings (as boss monsters).

      If you have any questions regarding them, please feel free to ask ^^
      (if it's questions about the champions, well... maybe it's better to ask them some other time, since it's a whole new topic, and there's a loooooooot of stuff to talk about)

    2. ended up answering two of my main questions I had about these champions. (Regarding who/what they are and if they were in the game as anything.) Haha, nicely done!

      I always like the little details, so I'm wondering things like how many demi-gods can there be per god-creature? Are the god-creatures actually physical or not? I'll go for one more, are there male demi-gods (not in the game, of course, but in general) and demon...queens?

    3. There is no limit to the number of demi-gods a god-creature can have.
      Some have plenty, and some have less demi-gods.
      Since the gods aren't fighting against each other, this doesn't matter that much anyway.

      The god-creatures are physical, they have a "creature/monster" form, which is their true form, and each of them also has the ability to change into human form.
      Human shape is the form they all share together, and that's how they came up with creating humans.
      (but most humans don't know that the god-creatures can change their appearance, some humans even believe that the gods don't really exist, so mainly their champions only know of the gods human form)

      Yes, there are several male demi-gods, but as you said, they're not in the game. (well I thought about making one of the bosses a male demi-god, but I'm not sure yet)
      And yup, there are several demon-queens as well.
      (I totally missed that in the blogpost... sorry for that, I was typing it when I was really really tired, no offense intended, I'll edit it right away)

      I'm not sure if "Failure" can be considered as demon-queen, as her origins are different from the others.
      But there is at least a Succubus boss monster in the game.
      And she's a very powerful demon-queen ^^

    4. Haha, it never crossed my mind that could have been seen as sexist. Especially as the girls are ranked just as powerful.

  2. It's been awhile since we heard about the game proper. How's that coming along?

    1. As I mentioned in another blogpost, we'll be busy with working on commissions (for money) for at least another week.
      (but not longer than 2 weeks I think)

      We'll pick up the work on the game right after we've done that.
      (I did program some minor things in the past days, but it's nothing that can be showcased, basically it's some changes to the way blocking works, and some other combat-system related stuff)