Friday, June 1, 2018

2 week game challenge start

As we announced on Patreon we're currently doing a "game jam" like: 2 week game challenge.

During the next two weeks (possibly 3 if we need a bit more time) we will work on a Mini Game with the entire team.
(we recently expanded the team by several new teammembers, Boxman for Pixelart, Zhuan for Writing, and Regris for Marketing)
Once that one is done, we'll return to our usual game project.
This Mini Game is mainly intended to test our teamwork with our new teammembers, gather some data on work speed and stuff, and to kinda say "hey, were back in doing platformers/brawlers/sidescrollers".
So please share the news!

We plan to do daily Live Streams on Picarto:

(except for Sundays and Mondays when we take our weekend break)

The first Live Stream is running currently.
We'll be there for about 5-6 hours.
So feel free to join us!
You can ask us questions in the chat or simply watch our progress.

We also plan to post progress updates every 2 days at least.
(except on our "weekend" of course)
So stay tuned and check out what we're up to!

The Mini Game will be about our dark elf "Francesca".
In the game she goes on a bet with her rival to earn more money than her within 2 weeks.
Francesca decides to accomplish this by using sex as a means to "milk" her customers for money.
More information on upcoming posts and of course in our Live Stream chat and Deathblight Discord Server.
See ya around!

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