Saturday, June 9, 2018

Fourth progress report

Cres finished the facial expression variations for Annabelle and Lesath so we can use them in the dialogues.
Also the base CG for the first CG scene has been finished as well.
Cres finished so far:
Character dialogue graphics 3 out of 3
Combat CGs 3 out of 3
CG scenes 1 (base done, variations still need work) out of 4

Boxman also finished the graphics for Francesca, as well as did some good progress on the tileset.
(as you can see in the posted picture above)
Zhuan drafted the writing for 3 of the CG scenes and will continue to polish it up the next couple days.
While Blade is in the middle of programming the hentai system and will get to building the level/stage after that.

Today I'll drop some information on the level/stage of the game:

As you can see, the tileset is a pretty simple city style tileset.
The game will be about Francesca running up and down the same street every day, collecting money from various customers via hentai scenes.
(there's a mini game system for that in the "hentai system", I'll probably talk about it in one of the upcoming blogposts when we have some visuals for it)
As the days in the game progress, some new parts of the stage "unlock" and become accessible.

We plan to not only have the street though, but also building interiors of some buildings (not all), which will be quite simplistic.
But it helps to have some variety, and not only have the streets to "play" on.
Other than that, we also plan to make the sewer accessible as well.
Tentacle monsters are lurking down there, but despite the dangers it might pay off to visit such a dangerous place.

Please note that building interiors and sewers are both optional goals on our list.
But since we decided on selling the game, we figured we should include these optional goals, even if it means working on the game a few days longer than the planned 2 weeks.
(no worries, as the progress currently stands we're pretty fast and Cres will return to Deathblight RPG in no time, most of the team has nothing to work on Deathblight RPG (no pixel art, no writing from Zhuan etc.) so we're pretty fine with adding more stuff to polish this game properly)

And yes, even if we sell the game, Patrons (5 $ upwards) still get it for free as bonus for supporting us.

At any rate, I hope you're looking forward to the next progress report!
Same as last time, we're going to have our "weekend" tomorrow and on monday as well.
(at least Cres and I do)
So we are not going to work on those days, and we'll be back on tuesday with a live stream again.

See ya!

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