Thursday, June 7, 2018

Third progress report

The first week is basically over, and we made great progress during this week.
Cres finished a graphic of Lesath today, who is a supporting NPC for Francesca.
On tomorrows live stream Cres will work on Annabelle's dialogue graphic, she is the rival Francesca makes a bet with.

Blade wrapped up work on the text parser, combat system, and is going to work on the hentai system next. While Box finished most of the pixel graphics for Francesca and will work on the tileset in the upcoming days. Meanwhile, Zhuan writes the scenes for the victory and game over hentai scenes.

This time I'll fill you in on the story of the game:

As I mentioned on the last blogpost, Francesca is running up and down a street to collect money from customers so she can win a bet she made with her rival.

But how did this happen in the first place?
Without spoiling too much of the story, here's the rough idea:
Annabelle and Francesca are "old friends" but somehow they are still rivals.
They have a pretty competitive relationship, and one day Annabelle laments about not having enough money to buy [Redacted].
(no spoilers, sorry haha)

Francesca criticizes her for spending so much money on "useless" things, and this angers Annabelle. Both women, eager to prove the other that they are in the wrong, decide to do a very risky bet. The winner being able to command the loser to do whatever they wish them to do.
(this applies to both of them)

The content of the bet is: Who makes the most money in 15 days.
Annabelle, who is rich by default (rich Ojou-sama type girl) probably has less troubles winning the bet. But Francesca has a plan, which basically leads her to do all sorts of lewd things she loves to do, in order to earn money. This leads to the situation our heroine, Francesca, is in, and why she's doing what she's doing.
(she would probably still do it without the bet, but the bet puts some "pressure" on her to perform extra well, so that's that)

Basically, no matter how this bet will end, you will all get to see some good lewdness!
(hentai scenes appear during gameplay, game over, and on victory as well)

The dialogues, as well as the CG scenes leading up to all this are written by Zhuan.

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