Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Fifth progress report

After the weekend we're back in action.
But keeping the current pace up is really straining, so we're happy to slowly get closer to the end of the project.

Cres finished the variations for the first CG scene which will have text accompanying it.
In the meantime, Boxman worked on the sewer area of the game.
While Zhuan fleshed out more of the writing.
Blade is still working on the hentai system.
Still all going pretty much according to plan, so well in fact, that we decided to add the optional goals from our list and improve the game during a third development week.
Cres will most likely return to DB RPG after 2-3 additional workdays past the original 2 week limit.
(by that time Cres will have all the optional goals on the CGs done)
The rest of the team will stick a couple days longer to this project, but this is not holding up DB RPG since they are not working on it anyways.

I realized I haven't written much about the heroine of the game yet.
So let's briefly talk about our heroine, Francesca the dark elf.

Francesca is a pretty self confident and sex loving girl in general.
She's quite energetic, cheerful, and loves to live out her desires without any restraints.
For this reason it's not surprising that she'd choose sex to earn money in order to win her bet.
To her this is fun plus she get's payed for it, which is like killing two birds with one stone.
Of course her goal is to get payed for having sex, but since she loves it too much it might happen that she drowns in the pleasure and loses sight of her goal.
(which then leads to one of the game overs)

Our dark elf heroine in this game is a "toned down" and more "modern day" version of her original medieval version.
In which she's a dark spellcaster, capable of summoning demons and placing hexes on others, who slays her enemies by using a huge maul.
Since we toned her down in this game, she just uses a metal pipe to get rid of "customers" who are not willing to pay.
Francesca looks quite cute in general, so even when she's angry, she still looks cute.
Because of this her medieval version usually wears a dark mask which makes her seem more intimidating, though she's still so small.
So she's small but dangerous!
Her modern version we see in this game however, is not as dark as the medieval version.
So we see none of her "dark side" in this game.

In this game she's just a regular dark elf girl who wants to win the bet she has with her rival by doing what she loves most (sex) to earn money to win the bet.
We're thinking about giving her some measure of spellcasting via Talismans in this game.
But it won't be anything super powerful, and certainly no demon summoning.
(even though her medieval version would be capable of that)

We hope you all look forward to playing the game with her!
See ya!

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