Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Seventh progress report

As I wrote in the last report, we decided to push out roughly 2 reports til release (this being one of them).

Since this question came up a bunch of times, let me get this out of the way first:
"Wasn't this intended to be a game to be done within 2 weeks?"

Yes, indeed.
But before the second week ended we had pretty much all our "must have" goals fulfilled already.
Because of this we decided to tackle ALL our "optional goals" as well because things were going really smoothly.
Cres finished all of her work (must have + optional) 2 days over the initial "2 week deadline" and returned to working on Deathblight RPG ever since.
Thus no damage is done since we're financing the extra work on this project purely with our own private money.
(as a random note: we've been financing this project largely with our private money, only Cres not working on Deathblight RPG for roughly 2 weeks is the sole reason why we hand this game out to all 5$ upwards Patrons, but everyone else was payed using our own money)

Also none of the team members currently working on the Francesca Mini Game have any work to do with Deathblight RPG.
Ultimately this means that Patrons will get an even bigger, better game in the end, at no extra cost.
So I don't think this should be a problem at all.

As for the optional goals:
Almost everyone on the team is done reaching all their must have + optional goals.
(in some cases they are 90% done, in other cases they are done already)
The bulk of the work is finished and we've been putting everything together in the game, so after that is done, what's left is testing and balancing stuff out.
We basically expect to have a demo for selected Patrons in the next couple days.
(high tier Patrons get the demo first, and then we make it available for more and more Patrons from there)
Since the game is more refined and has more content than we originally planned, we thought about selling the game on multiple platforms once it's done.
So you don't have to support us on Patreon to get your hands on the game.
(yes, as I mentioned above, we plan to hand it out to 5$ Patrons upwards)
There will also be a public demo going along with the game release, so you can try the game out first.

With that question out of the way, on to the actual progress report!

Boxman finished the tileset and finished work on almost all the enemies in the game.
(I think only one is missing, as well as some polishing here and there)
Zhuan finished the writing and is currently in the middle of implementing it into the game.
Blade is currently implementing all the graphics into the game, as well as doing some testing and polishing wereever possible.
Illustrious was too busy with his real life job, so we had to hire another composer to get music done in a short time frame for this Francesca Mini Game.

Basically, we hired OverCoat to get the music done, you can listen to some of his previous works here:

Depending on how things are going, we might release another progress report before the release happens.
After all we're intending to deliver a polished product, so please be patient.
We hope you're looking forward to it!

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