Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Second progress report

After our weekend we dived back into work successfully.
Cres finished another graphic (the third one), while Boxman finished some pixel art and Zhuan drafted some dialogue texts.
You can see some of the art above.
So far everything progresses quite well.

But instead of just listing the progress and showing some graphics, I figured I'd go into some details about the game in upcoming posts, starting with this one.

As we stated in the past, this "Mini Game" will be an action game/brawler/platformer/sidescroller whatever you want to call it.
We try to experiment with a few new mechanics and stuff, while also using our strengths and providing a solid, quality game.

Basically, in this game, Francesca (the dark elf) will run a street up and down, looking for "customers" to milk for money, while at the same time holding "freeloaders" off.
When Francesca initiates hentai (or when some NPC initiates it) a screen wide CG, like the one shown above, will be blended in.
This is kinda similar to how Tifatan X did it (very old hentai game).
But instead of just blending in a static image, we plan to have the CG adjust to what's actually going on. Meaning the CG will change according to stuff happening to the heroine.
This is... difficult to explain in words alone, and we don't want to spoil the fun by posting all the graphics before the game release.
Summed up you can say that the CGs have variations and will change during gameplay.

As usual, our game contains narrative with game over hentai which explains what happens to the heroine if she fails. But we also included a lot of ingame hentai and some special hentai that happens when winning the game. So we hope that we cover as much hentai themes with this game as possible!
(this time there is no BDSM in there though, sorry about that)

If you have any questions, make sure to join our live streams the next couple days.
See ya!

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